You've got questions, I've got a...

Shop F.A.Q.

What types of things do you sell?

My store contains small things which I've either created or designed myself (merch, small electronics, etc).

Over time I hope to have a lot of interesting little items in the store so check back often!

What about returns?

Check out the full Refund Policy. We are a (very) small business (ran by just me) so there may be issues with products, so just report it within 30-days and we'll make it right.

How can I contact the store?

For any concerns or questions please email

For returning items or other formal business needs our corporate address is...

Office #200
500 W 2nd Street, Austin Texas, 78701

However keep in mind this is the corporate address and the mail is checked by the logistics team. Any personal mail will not be delivered to Abe as he lives in Boston.

Personal F.A.Q.

What's your pronouns?

Although I identity as non-binary and am delighted to be referred to as anything other than traditionally masculine pronouns, I still generally use he/him.

How did you learn to make stuff?

I've been writing software and fiddling with hardware since I was a young teen. The best way to learn is always by picking a goal, diving in, and trying to navigate the issues you encounter.

Over the years I've slowly picked up new skills to fill gaps in my projects, drawing, story telling, writing, etc.

I do have a University degree, but I studied business - not engineering in any form.

How can I contact you?

You can email me at